Paint Colors I Used in My Home

I get so many questions about the paint colors I used in my home, I thought I’d put together a blog post for you to find all the color codes. I believe that you should always test swatches of colors in your own home before buying because paint look different depending on its surroundings.

If you’re looking for paint colors, check out the colors I used and enjoy. In case you need it: all HEX/RGB/CMYK codes can be found at the bottom of this blogpost!

Living Room

The color I used in my living room is ‘Relaxed Stone 7015’ by Flexa. This is a Dutch company. If you’re in The Netherlands you can have it mixed at stores like Karwei, Praxis and Gamma.

The exact same color is Poised Taupe by Sherwin Williams.


The color in my bedroom looks similar to the color used in the living room, but it is slightly less dark and has a more purplish undertone. If you’re in The Netherlands you can have this color mixed using the color code ‘Basterd’ by Histor.

The exact international color code is NCS S 4005 Y80R. Can’t get a hold of this color anywhere? Try Talavera by PPG Paints or Cocoa Berry by Sherwin Williams.

Home Office

It took me years to find the perfect color for this room. It’s a west-facing room so the light is cool during morning hours but warm in the afternoon. This is the fifth (I’m not kidding) color on the wall and it finally is a perfect match. This again is a Flexa color: Balanced Mist 3005.

The color ‘Moon Shot’ by Valspar is an exact match for this color. Can’t find it? ‘Miner’s Dust’ by Dunn Edwards is a good dupe!


One of the areas in my home that I show the least is the kitchen. There’s nothing pretty or special about it, and I’m planning on renovating it this year, but I do like the wall color I used. It’s from the same range as the living room color and it’s ‘Relaxed Breeze 4515’ by Flexa.

The color that exactly matched Relaxed Breeze is ‘Bungalow Beige’ by Sherwin Williams. It’s a coastal beige color with a brown base and a clean feel. It has a slight yellow undertone, but not so much that you feel like you’re sitting in a tub of vanilla pudding. It’s a great color that will make your home look bright and clean without looking sterile.

In case you need hex, RGB or CMYK codes, check out the image below