Dark Glass Candle Holder

The stunning candle holder called ‘Hurricane XL’ as seen in my videos is a lovely addition to every interior, but it’s a bit of a treasure hunt to snag one. This special piece is only found in select webshops in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Right now, there are two stores that sell it. Both sites are in Dutch, but you can use Google Translate to translate it into your own language.

In first store it’s currently sold out, but they ship international. They might restock soon (fingers crossed!). Just remember to select ‘los hurricane’ when it’s back, or you might get the wrong item. Check it out here.

The second store has only one left, and they only ship to a few European countries. Hurry over here if you want to grab it before it’s gone!

I will update the links on this page as soon as it’s available somewhere else, so make sure you bookmark this page!

*I do not receive commission on these items

Candles & more

The candles I use in the Hurricane are ‘FENOMEN’ candles from IKEA.

I added black decorative sand on the bottom of the hurricane. This helps to even out your candles but most importantly of all, it allows you to easily take out the melted wax when it’s dried up. You can find decorative sand here (nl) or here (international)

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