Walk-in Closet

Shop all the items from my walk-in closet.

Wardrobes, wallpaper and all the other items that don’t change often:

Nederlandse links
Kasten: Pax basiselement 100cm / Pax basiselement 50cm / Komplement lade 100cm / Malm / Malm Glasplaat
Spiegels: Spiegel rond 80cm / Spiegel langwerpig 

International links
Wardrobe: Pax wardrobe large / Pax wardrobe small / Komplement drawer with glass front / Komplement drawer / Malm dresser / Glass top for Malm
Mirrors: Rectangular mirror / Round mirror
Rug: Off white rug

All accessories from my reels and photos can be found below

Parfum standaard (NL) / Perfume stand (US/UK)

Spiegel met marmeren voet (NL)*
Gold mirror with marble base (UK/US) / Alternative

Items marked with * are affiliate links

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