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    With my 12-page brand pitch deck you will be able to successfully contact brands for paid collaborations. The deck contains multiple ready-to-use templates suitable for any niche, including a template specifically for hotels.

    The pitch deck also contains information on selecting the right collaborations, tips on reaching out via direct messages when contact information is unknown, and access to a media kit template.

    The pitches in the deck are the exact ones I have used numerous times that landed me successful collaborations!

    Please note that this is a digital product, therefore all sales are final – it is not possible to get a refund. Additionally, it is strictly forbidden to share this product with anyone else. Thank you for understanding.

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    Get ready for my ultimate Instagram strategy course. Are you hesitant to start your social media journey or are you struggling to grow your existing account? Then this guide is exactly what you’ll need. I was able to grow my Instagram account from zero to 535.000 followers in 3 years, […]

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    Are you thinking about starting on Instagram as a creator or just getting started?

    This checklist is created for beginners and aspiring creators, offering practical insights and actionable steps. Whether you have a passion for fashion, fitness, travel, or any other niche, my guide is here to provide guidance and help you get started on your Instagram journey. Let’s turn your aspirations into achievable milestones, step by step!

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