FAQ Page

Installing presets

You can use all of my free and premium presets with Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and the free Lightroom Mobile app. 

See below how to install the presets on your preferred machine. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at info@ryngen.com or a DM on instagram @jinna.ryngen.

Install presets on iPhone

To install my presets on Lightroom Mobile on your iPhone or iOS device, follow these steps:

First, download the product on your iPhone. You can find it on the order page or in your confirmation e-mail.

Press the ZIP folder so that the image is extracted. Next, open the image and press the arrow in the bottom left corner and choose the Lightroom app. Click ‘Launch Lightroom Now’.

Next, in the Lightroom app, open the image you just imported. Press the 3 dots in the top right screen and click ‘Create Preset’.

In the field ‘preset name’ type the name of the preset and press the checkmark in the top right corner. You have now successfully added the preset. Repeat these steps if you have downloaded more than one preset.

To use the preset, open a photo in the Lightroom app and press ‘presets’ in the bottom of the screen and select your desired preset.

Install presets on Android

To install the presets on your Android device, first download the ZIP file from your purchase page/e-mail.

Next, open the Lightroom app and select an image from your library. Go to the Presets tab at the bottom of the toolbar and click the three dots icon. Choose “Import Presets.”

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the ZIP file and import the ZIP file named ‘for Android’. Alternatively, you can use the “My Files” app to extract the ZIP file and import selected files from its contents.

All presets will be imported and ready to use. You can find them in a new group within the Presets tab.