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Shop all the items from my bathroom. You can find both Dutch and International links. If there’s no exact product available outside The Netherlands, I’ll link an alternative.

THE BASICS (accessories continued below)

Nederlandse links:
Tegels / Badkuip / Douchecabine / Regendouche kop / Regendouche / Badkraan / Wastafel + meubel / Spiegel / Wandlampjes / Radiator / Tegelprofiel Champagne / LED-verlichting nissen / LED Tegelprofiel / Waterontharder / Wastafelkraan

International links:
Tiles / Wall lights / Waterfall Tub Filler (alternative) / Sink Faucet (alternative) / Mirror / Rainshower head


Beige bath towels
BADESOFA beige Bath Pillow

Bath trays
Acrylic glass bath tray: I had 15mm thick plexiglass cut to size. You can order this at any plexiglass/perspex supplier. Make sure it’s at least 12-15mm thick.
Black bath tray: this bath tray is custom made out of solid oak wood, treated with black stain. If you can find oak wood (2-2,5cm thick) you can DIY it. Otherwise here’s an alternative

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